Deciding on a New Roof can be a very overwhelming process. It is very easy to get caught up comparing the various ratings for roofing materials, the most attractive profile, colors, and warranties. The Team at Roberson Roofing is here to help Educate you throughout the Roofing Process.

Step 1 - Request for Services

Contact The Office to request a roof estimate. We provide the roof proposal using one of two methods - (1) Satellite Roof Measurements or (2) Traditional Roof Measurements.

Step 2 - Roof Proposal Prepared

Once the Roof Proposal is prepared, a Member from the Team will contact you to go over it. When presented with a New Roof Proposal it is very important to go over all the details. There are many different products available for your new roof so you want to make sure you are getting the BEST! We recommend getting 2-3 Proposals from Roofing Contractors. Make Sure you check Reviews! Google, Facebook, Angie's List, & there are many others.

Step 3 - Site Inspection

An experienced Roberson Roofing estimator will visit you at your home or business at a time convenient for you to properly evaluate your existing roof’s condition. We take the time to properly evaluate not only your roof, but all the individual components that are directly affiliated with your roof. Accurate measurements
and inspections are crucial to the precise completion of your roof

Step 4 - Acceptance of the Proposal

At this step you have chosen your Roofing Contractor. Most Contractors require a deposit at this point to secure your spot. At Roberson Roofing we do a 10% deposit and the balance paid upon completion.

Step 5 - Color Selection and Scheduling your Job

Once you have accepted the proposal and placed you deposit, it is time to select your color. Right now due to Covid, some shingle colors and styles are taking longer to secure. We have a list of what products are readily available and what needs to be ordered. Once the Shingles are secured we schedule at date for your new roof install.

Step 6 - Work Commences

One week before the job starts, we will contact you to make sure the start date is still good. As mentioned above with Covid, Scheduling has been changing from time to time. We will be in contact with you throughout the process, so you will be provided updates.

Step 7 - Safety & Production Meeting

The morning that we start the job we hold a safety and procedure meeting with the crews to go over the work being completed.

Step 8 - Complete Tear Off

All of the existing roof materials are removed all the way down to the sheathing. The sheathing is then inspected for damage.If any damage is found, the sheathing will be replaced.The sheathing is then fastened according to current building codes.

Step 9 - New Underlayment is Applied

New underlayment (Peel & Stick) is then installed to every square foot of the sheathing.

Step 10 - Shingle Application

The new roofing materials are applied in accordance with manufacturer’s
instructions in a systematic manner.

Step 11 - The Clean Up

The roof is then inspected and the surrounding area is cleared of any debris. Once cleared all trash is hauled away.

Step 12 - Completion of the Job

At this point the work has been performed and the Final Inspection has been requested from the Local Building Officials. Once the final Inspection is signed off by the Building Inspector, we will send you the Final Job Invoice for payment.